Presently PACIFIC PACKING REMOVAL (M) SDN BHD has operations at all the major airports and seaports in Malaysia. We provide a diverse range of professional services to meet our customers changing needs and expectation. We use our own fleet of fully equipped transport vehicles within Malaysia.



Our staff fully-trained can assist you in all aspects of transportation and moving. Committed to service excellence, we employ permanent staff and an additional team of regular casuals to ensure and maintain a high quality of service

PPR has a wide range of trucks to meet different requirements; these include 1 tonners up to 40 footer trucks fitted with GPS for tracking and security purposes. To expedite loading and unloading all our trucks are equipped with trolleys to assist with
heavier items. Our vehicles are solid-sided and fully enclosed, providing protection from bad
weather and theft

To have a close and open relationships with our customers that thus building trust.
Providing our best services thru; creativity, integrity and corporate social responsibility.
To understand and fulfill clients unique needs by providing unsurpassed services.
To be counted on and trusted to do the right thing.

To be the best provider for efficient, effective transportation and logistic service and build a
solid reputation.



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