Local and Outstation Transportation
We provide transportation services within Klang Valley and also to other states in Malaysia. We can arrange for packing, collection and transportation of required goods on time and safely to your required destination. Our experienced and professional team will provide the highest level of transportation services to you. Our strategic locations offer nationwide coverage, and timely delivery.

Refrigerated Trucking
Whether frozen, chilled or simply temperature controlled, we supply Refrigerated Trucking trailers to provide you with the most reliable Refrigerated Trucking services available today. Our trailers provide maximum cube and bulkhead capability, so we can handle those mixed temperature shipments. We can transport your goods at temperatures ranging from -20 to +90 degrees Fahrenheit, and hold them at the temperature you specify.

Bonded Trucking
We provide bonded transport services specializing in the transportation of trucking freight throughout Malaysia. As a licensed and bonded truck company we transport Customs-sealed cargo between Free Trade Zones, Bonded Warehouse, Customs Ports, Customs Airports and Customs Stations. Our freight service deals with bonded and reputable companies and once the truck is sealed, it can only be accessed or opened by designated Customs officials. This ensures that the cargo has cargo added security and is tamper-free.

Household Removal and Packing
Removals are a complex matter and we take pride in advising you in a very responsible and competent manner. With our experience acquired throughout the years in numerous household & commercial removals we will arrange your removal stress-free and smoothly with the help of friendly staff and the right solutions. Whether local or international no good is too small or too big for us to develop an adequate and cost-efficient solution for its transport. We are able to provide customized transport packaging, use containers and meet all your requirements.

Tailgate Lift Truck
If your shipping destination doesn't have a loading dock, we can help. We'll send a tailgate equipped truck to make sure your shipment arrives right to your door.

Server Relocation and Positioning
We offer PC moving and Server relocation services for moving into new offices or relocating. By using us to relocate your IT equipment, you take away the risk and hassle associated with moving it yourself. Our experience in computer and Server relocation enables us work in a quick and efficient manner. We can assist you if you are; planning an office move, seeking a professional computer relocation service, moving your computers or Servers out of hours or overnight or storing or moving your Server locally to co location rack space.
Office Relocation
No business can afford to lose time. At PPR, our number one priority is to relocate your business quickly and professionally with minimum disruption. Through expert planning and efficient coordination we reduce downtime and get your business up and running within the budget and time frame agreed upon. Establishing a solid relocation strategy for your office relocation is part of the service we offer and quotations / assessments are absolutely free.

Heavy Machinery Relocation
PPR also provides services for moving large and heavy machines and equipment. Our crew will arrive when expected to safely disconnect, dismantle and secure your equipment for transport. We relocate and transport Heavy Equipment, Machinery and Construction Equipment safely to its new location and reconnect your equipment if required. Our quote depends upon the size and type of heavy equipment; the origin and destination of the move; and the special handling if required.




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